What is this facility?

This facility allows you to search the UK and Worldwide for serviced offices (office business centres), ie flexible, managed space that is pre built, prewired and ready to move into.The properties that appear on this resource are not endorsed nor operated by the Business Centre Operator or Real Estate Company that operate this website. If this website is operated by a Business Centre Operator then their own locations do appear within the search results, however you can obtain further information from their website which you can access by clicking on "Back to Homepage."

The data is provided by SOS Worldwide Ltd and not the operator of this website. SOS Worldwide Ltd fully adheres to the Data Protection Act 1998 (reg.no.Z6128571).

How To Search

STEP 1 >> Please commence your search by clicking on your desired area of the map.

STEP 2 >> Please search by using one of the options available

STEP 3 >> Search Results - select results individually by ticking the "SELECT OFFICE" checkboxes as required.

Here you can request properties you wish to view by clicking 'Arrange a tour'.

When you have finished click the "CONTINUE" button at the bottom of the page.

STEP 4 >> Your Selected Shortlist/Registration. Your selected results are displayed here. Here you have another opportunity to arrange to view space. To receive your search report by email, which will contain full information including the Business Centre contact details.

For your convenience, your contact details will be emailed to your chosen Business Centres (and strictly to no other third parties in compliance with data protection) to enable them to furnish you with further information such as current space availability and pricing.