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Office Space in UK

Country Information

Part of the European Union and home to one of the oldest parliamentary systems in the world, the United Kingdom was formed in 1707 through the Acts of Union law, which united England, Scotland and Wales into one sovereign state. The world’s first industrialised country, the UK has fourteen overseas territories, remnants of its Empire which was the largest in history and covered a quarter of the world’s land surface. Since 1946, the UK has been a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and is said to enjoy a ‘special relationship’ with the United States and close partnership with France. The capital of the UK is London; a leading global city established in the first century AD as a roman settlement.

Business Information

The UK’s economy is one of the most globalised throughout the world, and is also home to a world leading financial centre based in London – the world’s capital for foreign exchange trading. Additionally, London has the highest amount of international visitors of anywhere throughout the globe as well as having the world’s largest city airport. One major contributor to the UK economy is its pharmaceutical industry, which has one of the highest R&D budgets in the world. The service sector heavily contributes to the country’s GDP. The country’s cities provide their own niche’s for office space residencies, while having excellent accessibly and transport connections via its comprehensive motorway, rail and airport infrastructure. Among the best locations for office space in the UK, the cities of London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow rank the highest.

Entertainment and Dining Out

The UK caters for all when it comes to entertainment; there are many modern shopping locations to visit within each of its cities as well as a wide range of cutting edge cinemas and leisure centres to visit. The UK is known for its scenic beauty and has a multitude of hotels and villas available for hire throughout scenic locations, from quaint villages to national parks and coastal retreats. The UK’s traditional cuisine is based on its meats, sea food, cheeses, root vegetables and fruits with some of its dishes names lending themselves to the place where they were originally conceived. The sandwich was invented by the 4th Earl of Sandwich, an Englishman from the 18th century who began to eat meat in two bread slices.


The UK has a comprehensive transportation infrastructure and the oldest rail network in the world. There are five high-speed train lines spanning the entire length of the country, from the West Coast, to the East Coast, Midlands, Great Western and Great Eastern networks. The M5 and M6 Motorways are major road connections running along the UK’s West Coast which connect London, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow together. There are other major road connections connecting London to the Midlands and the East Coast towns and cities. Over 90% of motorised travel and 65% of domestic freight is carried out using the UK’s road infrastructure. The UK is also home to the world’s busiest international airport in the world, with airports based in every major city of the UK allowing for quick transfer times for inbound flights. London Luton to Edinburgh - a seven to eight hour drive - is easily covered by plane in just under an hour. CCBot/2.0 (