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Office Space Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Area Information

Alongside Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the joint capital of the Canary Islands. The city has a population of around 222,417 (as of 2009) and is a popular location for residents as well as tourists. Many important landmarks and organisations are situated in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, including the parliament of the Canary Islands and several court buildings, including two courts of the Superior Court of Justice. La Laguna University has buildings here and there is a major harbour bringing in a great deal of both commercial and passenger traffic. The Auditorio de Tenerife on Avenida Constitución 1 is one of the most important landmarks in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and is home to the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra. It is considered the finest modern building in the Canary Islands and is one of Tenerife’s major attractions.

Business Information

Although tourism here is an important industry, as it is throughout the Canary Islands archipelago, it is not the most important industry in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Santa Cruz is home to a large harbour, which serves as one of the busiest in Spain for both commercial and passenger boats. Santa Cruz relies heavily on trade and import/export services to support its economy. Economic activity remains strong and is growing consistently year on year.

Entertainment And Dining Out

Culture is one of the main attractions of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The older parts of the city have been well-preserved and offer a fascinating glimpse into the history of Tenerife, as well as some interesting architectural points. Newer buildings, such as the Auditorio create ideal venues for performances and exhibitions, and are spectacular additions to the skyline. There are many restaurants, bars and pubs in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, but Calle Noria, connected to the La Plaza de la Iglesia de la Concepción, provides the best range. Calle Noria combines a number of brightly decorated restaurants, cafés and bars, offering different themes and quirky interiors.

Transport Information

Santa Cruz de Tenerife can be easily traversed on foot or by bike for local journeys or long, relaxed walks. However, cars and motorbikes also prove a very popular way of getting around, and can be hired for any length of time. Bus services are the main means of transport for most people, and there are regular services running across the city and throughout the whole of Tenerife. The closest airport to Santa Cruz de Tenerife is Tenerife North Airport, which is 11km by road. Boats leave the island heading for the various other destinations in the Canary Islands on a regular basis, which are an ideal means of transport. CCBot/2.0 (