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Office Space Lithuania

Area Information

Officially known as the Republic of Lithuania, this northern European country is situated along the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea. It is also bordered by Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and Kaliningrad. The capital and largest city of Lithuania is Vilnius. Lithuania lies to the east of Sweden and Denmark. The landscape of Lithuania is predominantly flat with twenty-five percent covered in forests. There are five national parks, numerous lakes, and many castles.

Business Information

The Lithuanian economy is focused on high added-value products and services, with an emphasis on biotechnology. The prominent biotech companies and laser manufacturers Ekspla and Šviesos Konversija are located in Lithuania. The global company Barclays created the Technology Centre Lithuania, which is a strategic engineering division that supports the Barclays Retail Banking businesses around the world. Western Union also has its European Regional Operating Centre in Vilnius. The country of Lithuania offers a selection of office space in the large metropolitan areas and in the smaller towns and villages.

Entertainment And Dining Out

Housed in the restored 19th-century Tiškevi?iai Palace, the Palanga Amber Museum shouldn’t be missed. This is a branch of the Lithuanian Art Museum and the grounds include the Palanga Botanical Garden. The Amber Museum’s collection is made up of 28,000 pieces of amber with over half of these pieces displaying plants, insects, and spiders encased in the fossils. There are 4,500 pieces of amber on display; most of the displayed items are jewellery and artwork. Night time dining in Lithuania typically is a meat and potatoes affair. Pork is more common than beef. A national specialty is a mild white, cheese curd that is often served with honey. Lithuania produces several dozen brands of quality beer. The most popular are Svyturys, Kalnapilis, Utenos, Horn, and Gubernija.

Transport Information

The main airport in Lithuania is the Vilnius International Airport, situated on the outskirts of the capital city. There is also a smaller airport in Palanga, an international airport in Kuanas, and a small airport in Riga serving northern Lithuania. Vilnius offers train connections to Daugavpils, Warsaw, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Minsk, and Kaliningrad. Public transportation within the country of Lithuania falls under the jurisdiction of Litrail, with services available to all major cities. Some of the trips between cities can be quite long, and there are sleeping accommodations on the trains. There are bus services in major cities and smaller towns and trolley bus service in more populated areas. There are also several car and passenger ferries from the port of Klaipeda to Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. CCBot/2.0 (