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Office Space Cyprus

Area Information

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Turkey. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily and Sardinia. Although the island is geographically in Asia it is politically a European country and is a member of the European Union. The cultural influences in Cyprus are dominated by Western Europe, but its geographic proximity to Asia and Africa gives it more than just a hint of the east, however this small island has its own definite and beguiling character.

Business Information

Cyprus is a coveted base for offshore business. This is due to its highly developed infrastructure. Tourism, financial services, and shipping are significant components of the country’s economy. The urban areas of Cyprus have superb choices for office space, providing options in both historic and modern buildings. Cyta, the state-owned telecommunications company, manages most of the island’s telecommunications and Internet connections. There are also private telecommunications companies including MTN, Cablenet, OTEnet Telecom, Omega Telecom, and PrimeTel. In the Turkish-controlled area of Cyprus, three companies are also included in this growing market. They are Turkcell, Vodafone, and Turk Telekom.

Entertainment And Dining Out

Entertainment options on Cyprus can include basking on a beach. The Akrotiri Peninsula’s Lady’s Mile is a vast stretch of golden sand. On the coast north of Pafos, Coral Bay is a fast-growing resort that was built around a great shoreline. Located at the edge of the Akamas Peninsula, the Baths of Aphrodite is a grotto containing a freshwater pool, and the surrounding area is virtually untouched. Legend has it the Greek goddess of love bathed in this spot. All over the island there are restaurants offering genuine Cypriot food. To get a taste of local flavor, order mezze, this is a selection of a number of different local dishes. Specialties in the country include Tava - a tasty stew of meat, herbs and onions, Dolmades - vine leaves stuffed with meat and rice, and Kebabs - chunks of meat - typically lamb - skewered and roasted over a charcoal fire. Stifado is a local stew made of beef or hare, which is cooked with wine, vinegar, onion and spices.

Transport Information

Cyprus has three airports: Larnaka, Pafos and Ercan. It is important to note that most airline schedules list Larnaka, as ‘Larnaca’ and Pafos as ‘Paphos’. A1-A9 are the major motorways in Cyprus that provide road access to all major parts of the country. CCBot/2.0 (