The gross, the bad and the ugly of Office Secret Santa

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The Secret Santa tradition often has a bad name around offices. Some employees don’t miss the opportunity to showcase their sense of humour, or even say through their secret santa how they really feel about their colleague. Here’s a list with some of the worst items you could possibly give.


Flowers, Candles & Lotions
Green spa

These are a popular ‘easy way out’ when you don’t know your secret santa that well.
However, anything with a scent is a huge no-no. People have different tastes, what may be appealing to someone may be revolting to another.

Colour utensils.

It’s not funny with your partner, and it’s definitely not funny with your co-workers. Mugs are okay, as long as they aren’t recycled freebies.

Christmas Ornament
Christmas decor.

Unless the recipient is a Christmas decor aficionado – which is unlikely -, then this always makes for an awkward and unnecessary present. 

Homemade Coupons

Nothing says cheap quite like giving your secret santa something you’ve spent 2 minutes on, either found on Google or quickly sketched out on Paint. Budgets are established for a reason. 

In some cultures and households, this is a normal gift to give. It’s functional, right? We all need undergarments. Not exactly a work-appropriate gift, though. It usually results in absolute awkwardness.

Gift Cards
Giving a gift card is like politely forcing someone to spend their money in a specific store, which is the ultimate crime during Christmas.

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