Serviced office space: Bringing your brand to life

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If you’re looking for an office, choosing one that’s serviced offers a host of benefits – which is why it’s no wonder many businesses call them home. For those that have just moved into a serviced office, making your mark on the space might be high on your priority list, but you’ll have to think outside of the box to achieve this. While you won’t be able to alter its physical design, there are plenty of other ingenious ways for you to bring your brand to life – and, in today’s article from the interior design experts at Tiles Direct, we’re showing you the best of the bunch.

It’s the little things

Just because you can’t make drastic changes, it doesn’t mean you have to forsake branding completely. Small details can go a long way in helping you build a brand image in a serviced office, meaning you can inject a little bit of your business’s personality with every small-scale addition. From house-styled stationery to logo-covered coasters and strapline-adorned notepads, finding ways to incorporate your brand into everyday items will be a breeze thanks to custom printing – and it’s also one of the cheapest ways of upping your brand visibility, too.

People power

Branding doesn’t have to start and stop with inanimate objects; after all, it’s your team that embody your brand values. Offering staff free branded merchandise such as t-shirts can be a fun way to promote your business when your team is on the move – whether that’s simply another area of a shared office space or in the wider world. What’s more, with staff all wearing the same merchandise, it can help instil a sense of teamwork and uniformity – which means you might find they work more effectively as a group.

Desk space is ideal

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For members of your team, a desk represents more than just a physical place to work. With most of us spending near 40 hours a week at them, desks can be crucial in creating a personal sense of belonging to your workspace – but they also offer an opportunity to add some subtle branding. Whether you create custom logo covers for staff laptops, choose coloured accessories that fit into your brand’s house style or opt for framed, free-standing, brand-related art and quotes, the desks in your serviced office space provide the perfect place to both convey your branding and create a sense of belonging amongst your team.

Brand ambassadors

A brand isn’t just physical, it’s part of the people within a business – and, by transforming those people into loyal ambassadors, they can be the voice for your brand wherever they go. While this won’t happen overnight, an effective training strategy and inclusive company culture can help foster brand ambassadors naturally over time. Whether you host a monthly employee-only event promoting your core values or plan out a long-term training strategy, transforming members of a team from just a part to a pillar of your brand can be extremely valuable for your business – so consider how you can turn staff into ambassadors and promote your brand through their actions.

Top tech

 serviced office branding

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In this day and age, technology plays a pivotal role in the perception of a brand. From social media and email marketing to websites, there’s a lot to consider when translating your brand into the intangible world of online and digital. For businesses working in a serviced office, there’s a formidable opportunity for promotion here – so it’s important to make the most of it. Whether you’re communicating your brand to inbound callers with a customised audio message or investing in a state-of-the-art website promoting your services, your branding doesn’t have to stay within the four walls of your serviced office.

From a fledgling start-up finding its feet in the technology sector, to an established security firm forging new routes into market, a serviced office can serve as a convenient workspace for a wide range of different businesses. And although you can’t change the physical design of your serviced office, it doesn’t have to feel impersonal – with our tips, you can bring your brand to life.

Check out serviced offices in your area today to find your brand’s new home.

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