A peek into some of the UK’s most eco offices

Environmental considerations in the workplace have been pushed to the forefront of our minds in recent years. From companies in small office spaces splitting their recycling, to larger corporations building entire eco-pleasing structures, it’s agreed that every little helps.

Organisation BREEAM is on hand to reward and help companies shout about their sustainable efforts. They assess a company’s environmental credentials, looking at everything from the building itself, innovative solutions to minimise environmental impact and systems to reduce areas such as running costs.

Here are some of our favourite eco-friendly office spaces around the UK.


PwC HQ, London

The title of most eco-friendly office is currently held by professional services firm PWC, based at Charing Cross station in London.

What makes them different?

According to the report from BREEAM, “The final plan saw the installation of biofuel combined cooling heat and power. Other measures included low flush toilets, an interactive screen confirming the buildings energy usage, green walls and responsibly sourcing 95% of materials used within the construction.”


Picture from: http://www.london-se1.co.uk/news/view/5186
Picture from Londonse1


Waterways Ireland, Northern Ireland

The Waterways £9m headquarters is located on the shores of the River Erne. With location in mind, it has great views over Enniskillen Castle, Castle Island and the town centre. With a highly environmentally sensitive strategy in place during building, the company have taken advantage of new sustainability technology on offer.

What makes them different?

In a DFPNI case study, the HQ claims it, “complies with the Low Carbon Design Initiative. It is configured to optimize passive solar opportunities for heating, cooling and day lighting. Solar panels on the roof provide 80% of the hot water demand and a carbon zero wood pellet boiler has been installed.”


Co-op HQ, Manchester

Born and bred in a backstreet in Rochdale, the co-op’s HQ is now enjoying the high life with its 15 storey building, home to 3000 employees in the heart of the city.

What makes them different?

In their 2012 report, Co-operative boast a, “cost saving of £65m from environmental efficiencies in 2012, 38% reduction in total waste disposed since 2006 and 43% reduction in direct GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions since 2006.”


Photo from: http://www.co-operative.coop/
Photo from Co-operative


Monmouthshire Housing Association, Nant Y Pia House

As an offshoot of the Monmouthshire County Council, the Housing Association was spread over 4 locations, which wasn’t economical. They decided to make one big headquarters in a central location, in South East Wales, with sustainability in mind.

What makes them different?

In BREEAM’s report of the location, they mention, “a rainwater harvesting tank which is used to serve WCs within the building, local products and contractors were sourced and recycled materials such as concrete blocks, structural steelwork and newspaper insulation were used for the building.”

Those are a few of our favourite eco office spaces. Whether a large business or not, there are many things you can do to lighten your company’s carbon footprint.


Are you up to the challenge?

We challenge you to tell us three ways in which you’re being more eco in the office. We’ll compile this into a top tips guide to help you and your team do your bit for the the environment. Let’s go green!


Steve Redford

I love this article. I am all for making a difference, usually the steps that the few who care are willing or able to take are far to small to make a difference and ensure sustainability of our planet but this is great to read. Fingers crossed the powers that be will see that it will inevitably be their demise too and force change for the wellbeing of our planet, who knows.

I hope to see more posts like this on the net soon. The MiniMen are a new agency for Dwarf Actors Dwarf Entertainers and Dwarf Performers we are still in early days but in our 1st year have grown so fast. Once we get to upgrading our office space The MiniMen will definitely have being as green and eco friendly as possible high on our agenda.


I also love this article, and that it doesn’t just state these offices are environmentally friendly it also explains what makes them so different.
I would like to see some pictures of the environmental facilities to complete the story.

Anna Duggal

Anna Duggal

Thanks for your feedback!
Paramount Office Int, I’ll see what I can do in terms of pictures – watch this space!


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