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Richard Smith

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

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Richard Smith

Richard is a well-known property entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Search Office Space (SOS), the first ever property consultancy to specialise in the serviced office sector, which he established in 1993. Prior to SOS, Richard gained ten years' experience as a Central London Commercial Real Estate Agent which provided him with an expanse of experience and knowledge which he has maintained, refreshed and filtered down to his team. Richard's ability to build and conserve long term relationships and partnerships has enabled SOS to grow into an international company with over 60 team members. Richard has expanded the Search Office Space Group globally, opening offices in North America and Asia and most recently founding the recruitment agency So Recruit and, a global platform to reserve meeting rooms in real-time.

When did you join SOS?
I founded Search Office Space in November 1993.

What is your favourite aspect of the job?
The most rewarding aspect for me is having a happy and content workforce. In addition, receiving positive feedback from clients of every size and industry helps keep us on the right track.

Describe yourself in no more than 5 words:
Motivated, passionate, driven and impatient!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself:
I am a technology addict and I love social media - you will never see me without my iPhone. Also, I'm a huge fan of Arsenal - the best football team in the world!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Boca Raton, Florida. CCBot/2.0 (