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5 office spaces for different personality types

office spaces

Image: Techspace, Old St

Discover your workspace soulmate in our guide to office spaces for different personality types. Are you the cool kid or a savvy professional? Match yourself with the traits below to find out!

For the cool kid

WeWork’s Mare Street, London Fields hotspot

✔️ You think collaboration is the key to a successful business

✔️ You don’t need to don a suit to feel self-confident 

✔️ You’re partial to a beer or three (but only after 2pm – that’s when the taps turn on!)

office spaces

Take a look around!

For the sophisticat

LEO’s Octagon Point, St Pauls business centre

✔️  You’re smart both above and below the surface

✔️ You appreciate the finer things in life – smoked salmon, black cabs…

✔️ It’s important that your business is prestigiously located


See it with your own eyes.

For the chic geek

Techspace’s new Old Street location

✔️  You’re probably involved in the tech industry 

✔️ To you, success is a product of hard work and creativity

✔️ You’re skilled and independent

office spaces

Check it out today.

For the savvy professional

FORA’s pro-working hub in Clerkenwell

✔️  You’re experienced and excel at what you do

✔️  You appreciate both style and substance in equal measures

✔️  You prefer calm over chaos

office spaces

Chill in the relaxation room.

For the quirky individual

OSiT’s Waterloo Wonderland

✔️  You love to stand out from the crowd and be different

✔️  Impressing clients is important to you

✔️  Your business breaks the mould

office spaces

Meet Alice for yourself.

It’s a fact: our clients love office space that’s full of character. Know one that’s not on our list? Tell us in the comments below.

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