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Our Coolest London Offices

We all know the beauty of well-lit and well-ventilated offices. But what about the décor? A creative atmosphere can also do wonders when it comes [...]

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Hand writing business plan on a virtual screen

How long is long term?

Conventional leases are beginning to mirror the flexible way of working that occupiers are embedding into their business plans. This is a move away from [...]

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Could sharing desk space save you money?

  Whether you are a freelance operator, part of a small business team or you work for a national or international employer, there are ways [...]

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Top 4 new tips for office activities on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful thing if you are in love, have a new crush or are otherwise predisposed to show love and affection [...]

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Geschäftsfrau brüllt über Megaphone angestellte im Besprechungsraum an

Breaking Bad Habits in the Office

We all form habits over the course of our professional lives. They accompany us in that 9 to 5 routine: some make perfect sense, others [...]

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5 Simple Ways To Boost Morale in the Workplace

87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work, according to a study carried out by Gallup. The same study compared companies and discovered that the ones [...]

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Networking in business is a skill you can learn

Networking is certainly a skill worth brushing up on, especially when you consider the highly-competitive world that we live in. While the practice usually comes [...]

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Beating the Office January Blues

Breathe a collective sigh and soak the sadness (or relief)  in. Christmas is over, it’s a new year and that early December pay day is [...]

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compleeting the wall

Top Tips to Expand Your Business

“The whole world wants to be successful. What I try to do is separate ‘want’ from ‘need’. Need is hunger, drive, determination and tenacity. People [...]

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modern office meeting room interior

Top tips when meeting new clients

Meeting new or potential clients in any setting can be nerve-wracking for even the most confident and experienced business men and women. There’s never any [...]

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